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Silversoft S.A.S on its site and its employees respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information.

The personal information provided by you through this website, i.e. contact email and name is only used and processed for the purpose of contacting you.

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Any transfer of data to third parties by Silversoft S.A.S., as well as the use of such data for purposes other than those mentioned in these regulations, must obtain the prior and express consent of the User, given by any suitable means.

Silversoft S.A.S., may from time to time use your personal information to compile profiles for statistical purposes. However, such profiles or statistical data cannot be linked to any identifiable individual.

Silversoft S.A.S. has established controls to prevent unauthorized access to or unauthorized modification or destruction of your personal information, whether accidental or deliberate. These controls are based on business requirements and comply with generally accepted industry standards as well as contractual and legal requirements.

Copyright subsists in all materials on this site. You may use the information and print or reproduce materials on this site for your personal, non-commercial use.

Terms and Conditions

Legal Notice


This page has an informative content and an advertising content. With respect to the informative content, it is stated that the data and information contained therein should not be interpreted as an advice, recommendation or suggestion by Silversoft S.A.S. for making investment decisions or carrying out any type of transactions or business. The values, yields and other data contained therein are purely informative and do not constitute an offer, nor a firm demand, for the execution of transactions.

The Client undertakes to make a prudent and diligent use of the information provided or known through the web page; likewise, clients must validate the information contained in the web page before making use of it, especially for making investment and/or acquisition decisions, cancellation of products, among others. In any case, in case of any doubt, the Client should contact the entity.

Silversoft S.A.S. reserves the right to modify, alter or delete the contents of the site without prior notice. The informational content of this page is developed by Silversoft S.A.S. or an authorized third party, and does not compromise the thinking or opinion of its advertisers or linked sites.

Regarding the advertising content, it is stated that once the user enters the page, he/she accepts this type of content that is directly linked to the services offered by Silversoft S.A.S.

Likewise, the reference to the term User, refers to any person who accesses the public page of Silversoft S.A.S. who by accessing accepts these terms and conditions.


The provisions of this Legal Notice are intended as guidelines and are not exhaustive. Any conduct that violates the law, regulation or the accepted norms of the Internet community, whether or not expressly mentioned in this Legal Notice, is prohibited. Silversoft S.A.S. reserves the right at any time to prohibit activities that harm its business reputation and goodwill or the business reputation and goodwill of its distribution force and/or customers. Silversoft S.A.S. may take any action it deems appropriate, including (but not limited to) requesting investigation of improper activities, filing complaints with the appropriate authorities, or suspending or terminating your service, if it believes there has been a violation of the Legal Notice.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The use of this Portal and this Legal Notice shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Colombia.

No Offers or Advice

The information contained in this Portal cannot be considered as a binding offer by Silversoft S.A.S. of such information unless otherwise expressly specified in relation to such information. The descriptions of products and services included are for the sole purpose of providing a reference tool according to the nature and type of products and services available. They are not intended to be relied upon by customers or potential customers. All products and services are subject to terms and conditions in separate documents relating to such product or services. The information contained in this Portal may not be considered as a solicitation, offer, advice, recommendation, or other service to acquire or dispose of any investment or to engage in any other investment or transaction.

It is the responsibility of the User of this Portal to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, reliability and usefulness of any opinion, service or other information provided. All information provided on this Portal is made on the condition and understanding that it is not to be construed or relied upon as legal, accounting, tax, financial, investment or other professional advice, or as advice on specific facts and matters. Accordingly, no liability is assumed for any use or misuse of such information.

Information Ownership and Copyright


Silversoft S.A.S is not responsible for any opinion, advice, statement or other information contained in any message posted or transmitted on this site. Silversoft S.A.S. reserves the right to use any material presented for any purpose, including but not limited to reproduction, distribution, publication and posting.

Copyright Claims

Silversoft S.A.S. respects the intellectual property of others, and asks our Users to do the same. Silversoft S.A.S may, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, initiate legal proceedings against a User who infringes the intellectual property rights of Silversoft S.A.S and third parties. If you believe that your works have been copied and are accessible on the Portal in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please notify Silversoft S.A.S. by regular mail or email at the following address:

Restricted Use/Single Copy License

All content included on this Site, such as text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips and software are either the property of Silversoft S.A.S. or has been licensed or otherwise licensed for use by Silversoft S.A.S. and is protected by copyright laws. Unauthorized use or distribution of any material on this Site may violate copyright, trademark, and/or other laws and is subject to civil and criminal penalties.

This Site or any portion of this Site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or otherwise exploited for any commercial use that is not expressly authorized by Silversoft S.A.S. The User may download one copy of the information found on Silversoft S.A.S. sites on a single computer for personal, non-commercial, internal use only unless specifically licensed to do otherwise by Silversoft S.A.S. in writing.

User may not modify, use or transfer the information for profit-making purposes; nor may User remove any copyright or other proprietary notices from the information. User agrees to prevent any unauthorized copying of the materials and to ensure that employees and contractors – if applicable – of User’s organization adhere to these limitations.

Silversoft S.A.S. does not grant the User any express or implied right under patents, copyrights, trademarks or trade secret information.

Limitation of Liability

Silversoft S.A.S. will not be responsible for the inability to make use of it due to limitations of the equipment or networks intended for that purpose by the Customer; likewise there will be no liability for Silversoft S.A.S. in those events in which by fortuitous event or force majeure is not possible the operation of the website or its applications. The links, equipment and other means necessary to access this and other Internet resources are the responsibility of the Customer.


It is important to keep in mind that Internet security measures can be violated without any liability for Silversoft S.A.S..


Certain links on this Site may lead to web pages maintained by individuals or organizations over which Silversoft S.A.S. has no control. Silversoft S.A.S. makes no warranties regarding the accuracy or any other aspect of the information located on such servers, nor does Silversoft S.A.S. assume any responsibility or liability in connection with any website linked to this Site (or any website linked to this Site), including its contents and operation. Silversoft S.A.S. does not review or monitor such links. Some websites may be outside your country and subject to different rules and regulations.

A link from this Portal to another website (or a link from another website to this Portal) does not constitute a referral, endorsement, approval, advertisement, offer or solicitation in connection with such website, its contents, or any other products or services advertised or distributed through such website. Silversoft S.A.S. considers the links it may provide to other websites to be publicly accessible and consistent with the common and customary expectations of those who use the Internet.


Silversoft S.A.S may modify these online terms and conditions by giving prior notice through the website. Unless otherwise stated, the current version will apply each time you access our website.

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