Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy, which governs the “Jobbott” application, is to inform you about what data we collect, why we collect it, how we treat it, and how you can update and delete it. We understand our great responsibility to your data so we protect it to the fullest.

Our app has two types of users; paid users, i.e. they have a paid license and uns licensed users, i.e. free users.

App permissions

– Only for paid users, free users do not require any permission to.

The following are the permissions that the application will request for the proper functioning of some of its functionalities:

Ermitir Location Access: You will request it in the shipping tracking functionality and you will do so in order to offer the user your current location and the route taken.

Allow Camera Access: It will be requested when the user enters the following features:

Product Creation: To take the photo of a product.
Product Edition: To be able to change the product photo.
Account Creation: To be able to assign a photo to the account.
Account Editing: To be able to modify the account photo.
Take Photo or Video functionality: So that the user takes photo or video and stores them in their database and then be able to assign it to something on their system.
Allow Microphone Access: It will be requested to be able to run the voice note functionality, audios that are stored by each user for their own use.

Allow Storage Access: It is requested to be able to offer the user the possibility to store their files, whether images, audios, videos or other files.

The data that we collect and that is needed for the proper functioning of the application is distributed as follows:


Free Users: Your location information is not collected.

Payment Users: Your location is stored to allow the operation of an application functionality, specifically the module or shipping tracking functionality. This functionality allows the user to draw a route from their route, even if the application is not in use, i.e. working in the background, from the locations provided by Google Maps, those locations are stored in a list of locations that are the user’s own and exclusive, for analysis purposes or subsequent reports. Permission will be prompted when you activate this feature and will stop tracking after the functionality is complete.

Registration data

Free Users: A cell number or email will be requested to send you a registration code and then you will be prompted for a username and an optional email.

Payment Users: They will be asked for a mobile number, First and Last Name, Address, Identification Number, email address and a User and Password.

On the other hand, internally the system will take data from the date and time of the records for statistical and reporting purposes, such information is unique to Jobbott.


We do not store cookies for any of the users.

Service providers

Our application integrates third-party services, they are: Firebase Cloud Messaging, Google Cloud, Azure comunications services, Azure Cloud Storage Account and NsGroup.

This integration of third parties is done in order to comply with the functionalities of the application and it is necessary to clarify that they do not access your personal information, both for free user and for paid user, their sole purpose is to carry out the assigned activities and are committed not to use this information for any purpose that has not been indicated to them.


We are committed to protecting your information, which is why we use security provider services such as Azure SaaS, however, it is necessary to clarify that our users cannot be guaranteed, free and paid, 100% security since no method of transmission over the internet is 100% secure, as well as there are security breaches by human error.

Links to other sites

Our application does not provide links to other sites or third parties or own for any of the users. However, paid users may provide such links to their contacts, for such links we have no responsibility for their content, please refer to the privacy policies of each site to which you are redirected.

Children’s privacy

Our application is not targeted or of interest to any minor, therefore you will not be able to obtain a paid user, however if one of them comes to access the application as a free user, it does not pose any risk, access to improper material or violation of their rights, it would mean that you have a mobile phone, email and on this must be monitored already by the parents , who must contact us to proceed to delete the information entered.

What do we do with the data we collect? We have two types of data collected and two types of users; data collected by us and data collected by third parties.

Data collected by us from free users, this data is collected in order to offer them a profile where later news or notifications will arrive from the users to which he decides to follow. The user who was followed will be able to access their contact number and name. From us this data is manipulated at the application and third party level, for the purposes of operating the services and we will not focus on a particular user to extract your information for other purposes.
Data collected by us from paid users, the data we collect from this type of user is to be able to have a record and control of our customers, be able to provide them with their operating profile and be able to manage the services offered to them, the other information they store in their operation is exclusive to each of the users and we will not access unless required by the competent authorities and under the regulations of law in this regard.

Data collected by third parties to free users and payments, specific information required for the performance of their duties and such information is protected under their related privacy policies below:

Privacy Policy
Azure Firebase
Google Nrs Gateway

The modification or deletion of such information is at the user’s control, you can do so at any time, all the data generated by the user can be deleted from your database autonomously, delete your profile and if the user prefers or requests, we may remove it from our user databases if applicable.